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Pest Control Services in Bangalore

Welcome to Pest Doctor

Pest Doctor is one of the best pest control service in Bangalore. Our company offers pest removal services for both residential and commercial properties and most affordable prices .

Pest Doctor is a family owned and operated company, and has been delivering healthier lifestyles to families in Karnataka for over 15 years. We offer a complete range of Pest Control Services and our first priority is to ensure we deliver exceptional service and value. We're proud to be the largest pest control companies in Bengaluru and the biggest in the North. We love our jobs and we take our mission seriously. We offer premier customer service through highly trained, friendly technicians who are responsive and proactive.

Pest Control in Bangalore
Pest Control Services In Bangalore
Pest Control Services near me
Best Pest Control Services In Bangalore
Residential pest control Services bangalore

We are Pest Control Professionals

professionals pest control services in bangalore


get pest control services year-round through service management for continued health, and our landscaping ensures your vegetation thrives month after month.


Spring is usually when large numbers of winged termites known as "swarms" appear in homes. Our home termite protection service ensures that termites stay away.


Our licensed technicians use the most effective and up-to-date materials and equipment for pest control, fumigation, and disinfection. All our experts are work like pro.


Whether we are eliminating pests and insects, we are using the most humane strategies available. We give your hands a 100% pest-free home with healthy and hygiene environment.


To ensure a healthier lifestyle we provide chemical, herbal and bayer products to ensure the eradication of pests and insects to make your lifestyle mindful. We keep detailed records.


We have more Green Pro-certified technicians trained in integrated pest management (IPM) and green practices than any other pest control or extermination company.


Savvy green solutions for all your pest control care needs. We are using Natural and chemical free sprayers for removing pest, bugs.


We guarantee 100 percent that our Pest Doctor Pest Control professional will be done right, every time. If it isn’t, please let us know and we will make it right.

800 Satisfied Customers
350 Clients
250 Winning Awards
15 Years Experience


Commercial pest control services in bangalore

We are certified by QualityPro, our industry benchmark for the highest standards in pest management. We offer guarantees on our work to ensure your complete satisfaction. We meet all inspection requirements. We conduct criminal background checks on all new hires and go beyond what the state requires in the admissions process. Our in-house training program is among the best in the industry and our supervisors and technicians receive ongoing training.

No1 Brand For Pest Control

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Best Pest Control company in bangalore
Our reputation has been built over many years on the principles of value, honesty, integrity, time management, well trained executives and our high rate of incessant customers and word of mouth business is testimony to this. Pest Doctor has provided the finest pest control and turf-and-ornamental care experience you will find, anywhere. Coupled with the caring and drive required to take a small operation that serves residents and commercial businesses throughout Bengaluru and pan India.

Our Mission

Pest Doctor mission is to deliver superior quality and affordable home services at your doorstep on time. We serve every customer with a great level of integrity to effectively manage and fulfill their needs as per the requirement.

Our Vision

Pest Doctor provides highly professional local and domestic services for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Our skilled and well-trained professionals have the knowledge to provide high quality services according to customer requirements.

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Termite Control
  • 1 BHK-1,999 Rs

  • 2 BHK-3,699 Rs

  • 3 BHK-5,599 Rs

Cockroach Control
  • 1 BHK-899 Rs

  • 2 BHK-999 Rs

  • 3 BHK-1,199 Rs

General Pest Control
  • 1 BHK-999 Rs

  • 2 BHK-1,199 Rs

  • 3 BHK-1,399 Rs

Bedbug Control
  • 1 BHK-1,299 Rs

  • 2 BHK-1,599 Rs

  • 3 BHK-1,999 Rs

Our Testimonials

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pest control near me

"Really impressed with Pest Doctor. The technician inspected my areas for rodents. He was very thorough, friendly and informative. He made recommendations and corrected areas that needed attention. The cost was very reasonable. Could not be happier. Will recommend it to others."

- Hareesh Nannam
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"We used Pest Doctor service at our apartment complex and they are able to solve all our pest control needs from ants to bed bugs to roaches. They are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable and treat our tenants with respect. I highly recommend Pest Doctor, they make my life easier as a property manager."

- Pradeep Kumar
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"We had been served by Pest Doctor for the pest control done at our warehouse for Cockroches, Rodents, and other pests. The results very extremely satisfying and we now get periodic pest control done by them to stay pest free. I would genuinely recommend their service for long term results."

- Sanjana
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